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2 years ago

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This is a true story about me, a woman 40 years auntmia old, and her husband, the organization of my top three and the first time I went to have a cock other than my husband. I met Richard when we were in college we had a good sex life and I never thought that sex with another man, really, until we started using some of the sites on the Internet. , I was really turned on by some of the images of men in these pages a night and asked Richard if I try to be really the other man's cock. I was somewhat taken aback and thought he was joking. Brought him back auntmia in bed, stroking me and fantasy while it might seem to be like any other guy I could get and how it might respond. I asked what kind of person I want and he said he would be thin, handsome, younger than us, especially with dark skin and a very large tail. I said it was exciting for me, if Richard just saw the other men who have sex lines and complete before joining me in. That would give me a better idea of ​​what the other man was as a trio without clouding my feelings. The very idea of ​​what we did at length shit tonight. in the following night, Richard and I went to the scene and found the sky swing a whole row of men who provided the description of me. Richard said, you have to write a short list of ad - numbers and then we compare our decisions. Of the 7 that we have already briefly mentioned, both took three were the same. Richard seemed very interested and I have to confess that I have more than a little curiosity was to experience auntmia the thrill of being out of love for another man. So I thought, what the hell let him. This Richard took the digital camera and I changed into my sexy lingerie and Richard followed the instructions to pose for my socks, bras, panties and high heels. Little by little, I was completely naked. Richard uploaded the photos to the auntmia computer. We took what we thought were the sexiest. We have put together an e- mail and attachedour sexy photos, ask the three men with strange details about us and if they were interested in me, damn. Send e- mails to about 10 hours. and I was delighted to say they had responded by 11 clock of the three, who fucks a lot of interest auntmia in me. The three interest me, but my favorite has been a man of 29 years named Jay, who lived in Herne Hill. Your e -mail well written and said he had experienced, a good stayer, a repeater and a big dick Jay said with a slim athletic body and the photo that seemed appropriate to describe this. He added facial photographs and images of beautiful black body. We emailed back and Jay describes my imagination, but decided not to tell that would be my first man on the other. A half an auntmia hour had a response and Jay had his cell phone number. I started very nervous at this time. Tiles Richard called number. They had a short conversation and handed me the phone, I was shaking as he spoke to Jay, butIt was a great conversationalist and soon auntmia I was relaxed and chatting. He quickly realized that this was our first of three (not that he could be the second man to fuck me ) and told me he had met three other couples for their first threesome, and had enjoyed and said Jay, if I wanted to arrange to call me, to ensure their sexual performance. said he was very happy to see Richard for the first time and said he would make a great kick. I returned the phone to Richard and I heard a deal about condoms and that each party was only allowed out without bad feelings, if it turns out, were not adequate. auntmia The next event threw me into a panic, auntmia which lies at the heart of London, Richard Jay meet in few days. went to bed on a clock and had one of the most desperate and passionate fuck ever, none of us mentioned earlier events or Jay. The next day the daily occurrence in the fog and I was so nervous when
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